Questions and answers

1 How does an auction work?

The process of auctions is easy. All auctions got a starting price which is also the reserve price. Then you can make rising bids to the given amounts. Your order is confirmed to you by e-mail. At the End of the auction the highest bidder gets an acceptance of the bid. If someone bids in the last minute the auction will be renewed for another minute, A countdown is shown. The auction is finished if at the end of the countdown no other bid was put.

2 How can I take part at an auction?

You can take part in our auction, while you register yourself simply free. After a successful registration you can bid directly at an auction online. Sign up now!

3 How can I register myself?

Register once and only for free under the badge ‘sign up’ in the menu or on our homepage. Afterwards you receive a conformation link via e-mail, where you can activate your account.

4 Who can buy something at ab-auction?

You are able to take part as an employment or as legal entities. Private persons are not admitted to trade. Contractors, farmers and traders count as costumers. In addition you must be 18 years old.

5 Is there a incurring charge?

No, at ab-auction are no incurring coasts. Every bid is for free. Besides there aren’t any service charges and also the registration is free.

6 When are the auctions?

On our homepage you can find an auction calendar where you can have a look at all auctions which are online. New machines can be offered daily, therefore you should have a look regularly to miss no auction.

7 Can I visit the machines before an auction?

Yes, you can visit the machines in the respective location of the selling company. Just get in contact with the seller for this machine.

8 How can I observe more auctions?

In your observation list you can add all the auctions you want to follow. In addition you click in the machine description ‘watch this auction’. Later you can remove them from your list.

9 How do I know that I won an auction?

Congratulations! You are the highest bidder and get an announcement you have bought this machine. You get an e-mail and after that our service team will get in touch with you and explain to you the other expiry.

10 What are direct purchase offers?

Regardless of the auction machines, we have another machine pool platform which offers attractive machines to the direct purchase. You are interested in one of our machines? Then you can buy it directly online. You receive a conformation email of your purchase immediately. Here you find all machines which are available for the direct purchase (to the machines)! Click on (Buy now) and you get the machine for the given price.

11 What is a suggested price?

You can send a prize proposal for direct purchase machines. The shop assistant can accept the proposal, decline or give an alternative suggestion. The seller will get in contact with you.

12 When do I have to pay?

You have to pay immediately. The purchase price is due for payment seven days after the purchase contract has come into existence.

13 Can I cancel an order?

No, it’s not possible to cancel an order. If you are the highest bidder you have to pay the machine.

14 When can I pick up my machine that I won?

After the entire payment you can agree on an appointment to pick up the machine with your contact. At latest within 20 working days the machine must be collected.

15 Do you also organize a transport?

We instruct with pleasure in your name a haulage company for you. Simply get in contact with us.

16 Does a guarantee claim exist ?

No, all machines are sold as they are seen. Please check the machine descriptions before doing an order to find out whether you like the offer and want to buy this machine.

17 What can I do if I forgot my password?

Click on the button forgot your password? Afterwards you receive an e-mail with further information. Should you have problems with your access data, please contact our ab-auction team

18 How can I contact the support?

You can send us a message about the contact form or reach us by telephone. We help you with pleasure. To the contact data

19 Maximum bid, what is it?

Bid the highest amount you are willing to pay. We will (automatically) bid for you - just enough so that you remain the highest bidder. Your maximum bid is not visible to other users.